Justin Maxwell


Office: 518-851-9441 Ext. 313

Cell: 518-281-7040

Mailing Address:

PO Box 65

Livingston NY 12541

Office Hours

Mondays: 9-4

Saturdays: By Appt.

Grievance Day Procedures:
If you wish to file a Grievance, the Town of Livingston is requesting you file ahead of time by mail or electronically prior to May 28th due to COVID-19 concerns. No applications will be accepted after May 28th. If you are adamant about seeing the BAR in person, please give the Assessor a call at 518-281-7040 to schedule an appt. Sincerely – Justin Maxwell, Town Assessor

General Info:

Parcels: 1970

Equalization Rate: 82%

Taxable Status Date: March 1st

Tentative Roll: May 1st

Final Roll: July 1st

Exemption Info:

Grievance Info:

Final Roll: